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Welcome to WPSynIT!

I am certain that by now you know how important backlinks are for any website. How would you like to get TONS of oneway banklinks pointing to your blog without you having to do anything?. Well, with us, that don't have to be a dream anymore! Cause with our system, you will be able to do just that! Yes, get ONEWAY BACKLINKS now!


1. When you publish a post, this plugin will take your post and spin it into different versions and then post a unique spun version to dofollow, instant approval wordpress article directories and ping your article links at each one of these blogs.

2. The plugin will then send you an email with full submission and ping results.

3. You also have the option to prepare your own spun syntax article and then post it normally (in spun syntax) on your blog. The plugin will then spin the article and post the first version on your own blog and then send the other versions to the other blogs.

4. You can also post as usual and the plugin will convert your post to spun syntax automatically and post to the wordpress directories.

5. You can also use the plugin in manual mode, which means that you may post content to other wordpress article directories without having to post to your own blog.

6. WPSynIT will also automatically create a resource box for you with the permalink and will rotate your post tags as anchor text in the resource box.

7. There's full instructions in the admin panel of the plugin.

8. WPSynIT will creates an RSS FEED of all your posts posted to the wordpress blogs. (this option can be turned off in the admin panel)

9. WPSynIT pings the RSS FEED.

10. WPSynIT creates backlinks to the RSS FEED by taking your post, spin it again, remove the resource box, add the RSS FEED link and post it to Article Beach directories. (this option can be turned off in the admin panel).

11. Each one of these posts are pinged.

12 . WPSynIT then takes your post title, spin it and post these titles to STATUSNET MICROBLOGS with your RSS FEED link atached to it as well as all your TAGS. (this option can be turned off in the admin panel)

13. WPSynIT then creates TAG pages at the statusnet blogs for each one of your TAGS. This means that say for instance you have 10 TAGS/KEYWORDS. WPSynIT will create your post on the main page, the profile page and 10 TAG pages giving you a total of 12 backlinks per microblog.

14. WPSynIT posts to 5 random microblogs at a time, thus resulting in 12x5=60 instant backlinks from these microblogs.

15. WPSynIT then pings all these links.

16. WPSynIT then takes your RSS FEED of all your posts posted to the wordpress blogs and create a new feed at RSSMIX.
You get an RSS as well as an HTML link from RSSMIX. These links are also all PINGED.

17. WPSynIT submits your link to up to 50 social networks!

18. WPSynIT will take your article title and a short excerpt from the article body + your permalink and post it to these social networks.

19. WPSynIT will then take your article, spin the sentences and create another RSS FEED at HOST4RSS, with links pointing to all the social networks

20. WPSynIT will then create another RSS Feed as well as an HTML feed at RSSMIX also with the links pointing to the social networks, which in turn have links which point to YOUR site.


22. You will also receive a submission report, which tells you which links from where points to where.


our mission


It is our mission to give you, our most valuable client, our best and undevided personal attention at all times, so that we can have a better understanding of your online needs enabling us in providing you with the best online SEO service.

our friends


YOU are our best friend and we will treat you as such, not once, but ALWAYS.

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    client testimonials

      • "Awesome to say the least!"
      • I have to say that this plugin works flawlessly for me. i am more than excited about WPsynIT, let me tell you why.
        Before using WPsynIT my ranking on Google for my keyword(s) had put me in spots 2,5,and 6 on first page.
        Now without doing anything else to change this ranking, I stand in spots 1,2,3,and 4. Awesome to say the least! This has never happened before ( at least for me.)
        However this did create a problem for me, my jaw is still dragging on the floor in disbelief. I'm not saying this was the only factor, however it surely was a major one. This new ranking was achieved within about 2 hours or less.
        I checked again today and it's holding steady. Again AWESOME. Everything you said it would do, it has done. Oh, all this and was extremly easy to use. On a scale from i-10, I would have to rank it at 11.
        Thanks so much for letting me be one of the beta testers. I will send an updated review when I have finished using my available credits. My bests regards.
      • by Larry Johnson
      • "Actually, awesome is an understatement..."
      • This plugin is definitely awesome! Actually, awesome is an understatement. Getting your blog post published in various article sites with a little effort of just setting your account is a must for every serious article marketer out there. Imagine making a blog post and at the same site getting it published on other sites with minimal work but a lot of backlinks in return, this plugin certainly has a long way to go. I can't wait to see the stable version. To all those who haven't tried, I assure you, this is worth trying.
      • by xneilx
      • "Great tool! and thanks again!"
      • I first had my doubts on this but as soon as I started to use it, I'm surprised! I added an article and chose to add 5 posts. First I thought it was broke eventually I checked my mailbox and There I got the message! Fully spinned articles added to directories & pinned. Now they only need to get indexed in google, maybe adding that feature?

        Great tool! and thanks again!
      • by rusilja
      • "this would become my most important wp plugin!"
      • I started using the Beta yesterday - installed it on one of my weight loss blogs (very easy to do). Wrote two articles - one hand spun in best spinner, and one I let WPSynIT spin for me. Submitted both to weight related sites and sat back. Got two emails 5 minutes later with links to my articles.

        All articles were accepted and pinged. I'v decided there is no need to spin content myself, as the built in spinner did a great job, and all articles got accepted for it.

        I love backlinks, and getting a bunch of relevant links without lifting a finger is just awesome. Great, great plugin! With social bookmarking sites and perhaps press release sites added, this would become my most important wp plugin.
      • by nick5014