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Small business websites

If your small or medium sized business needs a website, we can help. If you are in need of more than just web design, we have solutions for you. Our services range from custom WordPress design and development to logo design and visual branding and beyond.

Whether it’s just a simple website refresh or a much more complicated project, we can help you solve the puzzle and make the process a pleasure.

We want your small business to have an amazing website; if you can envision it, we will work with you and bring your idea to life. We create websites for writers, websites for lawyers, websites for healthcare professionals and more!

Portals for large scale

Looking for a solution and you can't seem to find any off-the-shelf application that fits your requirements? We have a very rich experience with building custom Online systems for a wide range of purposes. We take your requirements and design your system to work just the way you want it.

Our portals and systems are clean, responsive, scalable, secure and affordable. Moreover, our systems are built to deliver almost any type of Business Intelligence report you desire.

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Complete online shops

Being aware of your niche is one of the important things to do in any business. When it comes to online business, there's no difference. With increasing time, many people have migrated to E-commerce. These are sites that offer services where you can buy and sell things online. Over the past decade, research has shown that many people tend to buy their things online rather than buying them from a physical location. This because there are many benefits when it comes to buying things online. Such benefits include the ability to choose from a range of products with ease while you are comfortably resting in your house. Furthermore, of these websites provide services such as delivery.

With us, you have no reason to worry when it comes to this. We customize our eCommerce website to fit your niche. This is because we understand that different business has different requirements. Furthermore, by building an eCommerce website for you, we are building a website that is easy to navigate. This will ease the effort of your clients and thus make it readily available for them to reach you. We are aware of many people's desire to have a page that is easy and clear for them to understand at a glance and thus we build websites that will attract more visitors through this.

Seemingly, we have introduced new features in our websites whereby your visitors will be able to reach you through whatever means be it from a smartphone to a tablet.

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WordPress Web Design and Development

In our company, we know that you need a good website. Not only do we offer websites that are professionally designed, but also websites that will attract more visitors hence lead to more profit for your business. We offer better services with the understanding that you have many competitors in your line of business. However, there's no need to worry because we will help you differentiate your website from other websites. With us, you have no need to put effort tweaking templates online. First of all, these templates have very limited tweaking options. They are templates that can only be adjusted a bit to fit your needs unlike with us.

We will also take the time to get familiar with your brand and understand the vision and mission of your brand which we will use to make your website. We will be in constant communication with you through this process and while in the process send you the preview of your site so that you give us feedback about it. We will make revisions to the site in case you need us to do so. We are always there to see you through to success.

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SEO and Social Media Marketing

Host4Marketing SEO Services in Cape Town

Here at Host4Marketing SEO Cape Town we have also an SEO firm that provides Search Engine Optimization services that are modern and researched. We do SEO for our own company, thus we understand first hand what an excellent feeling it’s when organic Search Engine traffic begins providing traffic increase, new business leads and sales that is on-line.

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Social Media Marketing


Let the perfect company manage your online media? Every dialogue created on the web can mean the difference between a client who knows that you exist as well as a new client to your company. Not only can social media advertising be a time-consuming procedure, it is continuously changing.


We’ll help you to discover what’s best for your Company.

Link Building Services

Host4Marketing cc is also custom link building company in South Africa, Western Cape. Our agency specializes in manual link building services to improve search traffic and rankings. We work with mom-and-pop shops all the way up to world-class brands, securing evergreen links that drive meaningful, sustainable results.

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Brand Identity

One of the best features of sending a message is through a picture. This easily helps you reader understand what you are sending at a glimpse. This is the reason why graphic designing began. For any client, we advise that this is the best way to go.

As a team, we focus on creating better graphic designs motivated by the task you give us. We exploit all means and ways possible of doing this. We believe in excellence and thus, do our work till perfection. Imagination is one of the virtues we embrace. By simply giving us your concept, we structure the content to suit your concept. We have a team which takes the time to go over your concept and get their imagination kicking to bring out the best that you would want.

We believe that we always learn through all means inclusive of means where our clients critic our work. We embrace criticism since it’s a way by which we learn a lot. Moreover, our team has specialized itself into small groups according to expertise. This helps to bring out the best in everything. We all know no one can do everything.

We are truly passionate about our work and treat it as a mandate rather than just your work. We want to be with you in your success story. Thus always depend on creativity which is our driving force. You know you have to love what you do so that you can do it perfectly.

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Domain Registration & Web Hosting

We register and manage .COM, .NET, .ORG, .NG, .COM.NG etc domains. Our advanced skills with DNS and Nameservers, coupled with automated monitoring, early notification and renewal processes give our clients the peace of mind and totally removes the risk of domain loss.

A web hosting service is a service where a company provides a client with space on the internet. This space is used by the client to enable his/her website to run. We are aware of the demands of websites in our age and time. There has been an increasing number of web hosting services online. However, being aware of the amount of space you would need, we have increased the amount of space that you can pay for much less and get better services. Furthermore, we have a higher level of bandwidth that allows many clients to check your site at the same time. Moreover, we give you an opportunity to host a number of domains and sub-domains of your preference. We are aware of your desire to brand yourself as a distinctive business in the market and we provide these opportunities thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

Arguably, you can also have your own email domain name of your company, organization or brand. This will easily allow your clients to reach you. These domains also have unique features from the common free domains and you have more control over your account. Our focus is to give you excellent services, hence we do not compromise on issues of privacy. Our unique databases allow you to have access to all your email and email accounts. Many people only offer MySQL services which are limited. However, we give you the ability to manage many databases.

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Professional Article Rewriting Services

The quality of articles and content is the most important thing to the success of any website or publication, it’s the thing that will get new viewers and that ultimately will get people to read your material. However, you need to make sure that your content is as high quality as possible. Remember that whether it’s on the internet or in print, you’re going to have other publications and websites discussing similar things, and it’s up to you to come up with content that will beat out the competition. That’s where content rewriting can be hugely helpful, it’s an easy and effective way to bring your writing from good to great and smooth out any flaws, but it also takes a certain amount of specialized skill, as well as time and effort, and people often simply don’t have these things to spare.

Rewriting articles can be a challenge for a few reasons, whether you need it to simply take the content of another publication or site and make it your own or you simply want to make something better by rewriting it, rewriting articles requires you to maintain the original meaning and intention of the author while altering the words, and this is no easy thing. The good news is that we’ve got a team of professionals who specialize in doing just that, and we offer a wide range of rewriting services for anyone who needs them!

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Article Submission Services

Host4Marketing Submit is your most trusted link building company that specializes in offering highly comprehensive high domain authority article submission. If you want to boost your website's online visibility and at the same time get good quality back links for your website then we have the most apt solution for you. Choose our article submission, improve your website's online visibility in Google, and start receiving more traffic to your website.

When you choose our article submission, we will take care of everything. Our article distribution team will create unique account for your submissions. This involves an elaborate signing up process, which also includes email id confirmation. We will signup manually in every single article submission site. Host4Marketing Submit SEO does not use any automation tools to signup.

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Video Marketing Services

Our Internet video marketing services provide companies with video production, optimization and promotion. Video marketing allows companies to communicate their message in one deliverable on multiple levels: imagery, the spoken word, and text, while reaching a huge audience with minimal expense and the shortest amount of time.

Video is a powerful way to demonstrate instruction or present emotional content. Videos often show up in the search results, allowing you to gain more website visitors by dominating your market’s natural search results. Our video marketing team helps optimize a video based on your targeted keyword phrase for the strongest results. We can assist in creating a script, graphics, images, and other media based on digital content you provide. Or we can optimize your already produced video so it has what it takes to reach the top of reputable search engines. We can also provide royalty free background music and professional voice-over talent. We then distribute the video to various popular video sites such as YouTube and Metacafe.

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